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Terms & conditions of using the website: www.gulfcoastsco.com

www.gulfcoastsco.com is a website owned and managed by www.gulfcoastsco.com with the license number license number 12345 on 2017 year as per the amendments of Media Free Zone by the Emiri Decree No. (4) for the year 2007. We have the complete rights, ownership and authority of the www.gulfcoastsco.com. Our registered office address is www.gulfcoastsco.com, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Anywhere in the entire terms and condition, privacy policy, or disclaimer, if it is mentioned ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ then it means www.gulfcoastsco.com. And any term that refers to ‘you’ is for the visitors, users or customers of www.gulfcoastsco.com.

These terms used in the terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimers of the website refers to the use of www.gulfcoastsco.com website. These terms bind you and us legally and lawfully as a contract. From the very first use of www.gulfcoastsco.com, you accept and acknowledge the terms and conditions of www.gulfcoastsco.com. If you do not accept or reject the acceptance then you may stop using, visiting or accessing any information on the website.

www.gulfcoastsco.com has the complete right and authority to make changes to the website terms and conditions at any point of time as it decides and the terms will be effective from the moment it is posted on the website. If you use the website at any point of time, before or after revised terms, it is considered that you accept the terms and conditions.

www.gulfcoastsco.com will add and/or change the terms and conditions periodically on the website during specific promotions related to goods and services. In case the terms and conditions used on our website conflicts with additional terms then the additional terms will prevail.

Information on Website

www.gulfcoastsco.com has made lot of efforts to post the most accurate information on the website, however we do not guarantee the reliability, accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of the information. We also do not take responsibility of any errors or omissions in the information. The users access the website at his/her own risk. The website showcasing available means ‘as is, as available’ without any warranty or warranties of the manufacturer or fitness of the product or non-infringement of specific disclaims. Neither www.gulfcoastsco.com nor any of its employees, agents, third party service providers or associates will be responsible for any kind of direct, indirect, consequential, compensatory, or incidental loss or damage incurred due to the lack of information, inaccurate information or incomplete information, if it is advised or possible of losses. This disclaimer is also applicable for all kinds of damages and losses incurred due to negligence or omission of www.gulfcoastsco.com, virus, malware or similar kinds of malicious items affecting the telecommunication, unauthorized access or data theft of user information. www.gulfcoastsco.com is not responsible or liable for any kind of criminal, tortious or negligent actions taken by us or any third party associated with www.gulfcoastsco.com that affects www.gulfcoastsco.com website. In any case, www.gulfcoastsco.com or any of its agents, employees, third party service providers, or content providers will not be held responsible or liable for the illegal conduct due to other users. In any case, www.gulfcoastsco.com or any of its agents, employees, third party service providers, or content providers will not be held responsible or be liable for the damage of equipment, hardware, any personal injury, or property that arises from the aforesaid connections.

A successful transaction on the website of www.gulfcoastsco.com will be based on the accurate information fed by you. The services provided by www.gulfcoastsco.com will depend on the information received from you. We shall accept no responsibility of the inaccuracy in information or liability with respect to the incomplete data fed by you on the website www.gulfcoastsco.com.

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About the Internet

The internet is a global public network and neither www.gulfcoastsco.com nor any other online publisher has any control over the internet and the process through which you access the website. As other online publishers, www.gulfcoastsco.com also does not take any kind of responsibility of any kind of service interruptions, transmission of viruses or any malicious activity that occurs to your computer through our website.

As far as possible, www.gulfcoastsco.com shall exclude all kinds of liability for you in the contract. We shall also exclude any kind of liability for any kind of direct or indirect loss, damage or consequences that may be caused by you to us. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall be considered as support to the exclusion or restrict to the liability with respect to the death or personal injury for the breach of contract during the course of business with or from the premises of company.

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In order to add any link to our website www.gulfcoastsco.com, prior permission has to be taken. You can reach us at: customercare@gulfcoastsco.com with the details of the URL which you want to add on our website and the page where it has to be displayed. Unless and until authorized by the management of www.gulfcoastsco.com, no third party links, images, pages or any kind of information should be posted on the website.


With reference to the terms and conditions, the terminology ‘Website Information’ means the images, graphics, texts, applets or screen scripts operating, or forms, used in the website. The sole right and authority of Intellectual Property of all the www.gulfcoastsco.com is of www.gulfcoastsco.com. You may use the browser to view the website information for private browsing purpose only. We allow the copying the website information into computer cache for private or offline browsing purposes. However, you are not allowed to copy any website information or of the details on the website without any prior permission or written confirmation from www.gulfcoastsco.com. We may use the website images or texts of which we may have complete or partial copyright. Wherever it is used and whenever it is done, we shall acknowledge the owner of the copyright.

Jurisdiction of These Terms

The domicile country of our company is United Arab Emirates and all our terms and conditions are governed by the law of UAE.